RockBench is an independent publisher based in Nashville, TN focused largely on traditionally printed books with the support of digital content and interactive platforms. We provide thought leaders a larger platform for their work with businesses.

RockBench is non-traditional in that our perspective is driven exclusively by what we publish, not whether it becomes a best-seller. We want each book to be a best seller, but that’s not the primary criteria. Most important in any decision to publish a title is whether or not it contains “courageous thought leadership content” that needs broader dissemination. We don’t care about trends or fads (unless they need to be debunked).

RockBench is a publisher, too, and not a printer. In other words, we won’t help people self-publish a book or take any of their money while appealing to their desire to “get published.” While it will be a collaborative effort, we’ll only publish titles if they meet our criteria and if we’re interested in investing our own real money in doing it. The world doesn’t need more titles, really–what the world needs is more substance, timeless ideas, and authentic thought leadership.

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The RockBench Name

The name comes from a rough hewn wooden bench on a rock outcropping at our writing retreat, pictured above.

The retreat is at the southern end of the Cumberland Plateau on five acres, situated on a rock bluff that drops 800′ to the valley floor below and overlooks the 161-acre Bridal Veil Wilderness Preserve, with old growth hardwood, streams, waterfalls, cliffs, caves, and abundant wildlife.


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