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Phone: 615-831-2277
Fax: 615-831-2212
Address: 6101 Stillmeadow Dr., Nashville, TN 37211-6518, USA
SAN: 855-5559
ISNB Prefix: 1-60544

Reviewing Titles

If you would like to review a RockBench title for a journal, publication or blog, please submit your request via an official means, stating both the author and the title you are requesting. If you are working under a deadline, please include that information as well. Here is a synopsis of our policies (which are subject to change without notice):

  • We are able to supply gratis review copies only for books published within the last two years.
  • Printed review copies are remitted only to addresses in North America and Europe. Elsewhere, you will receive an electronic copy via PDF.
  • All review copy requests are processed within one week.
  • If you request and receive a review copy, we consider it your responsibility to review it or return it within 60 days. It may not be sold.
  • If we send you an unsolicited review copy, you have no responsibility to review or return it, but we would request that you not sell it.
  • We’d be grateful if you would send us a copy of the published review.

Thank you for your interest.